About GRC

GRC 2016 


In 2016, the Grassroots Radio Conference was held in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas from October 7-10. Workshops were held at the Springs Hotel, Maxwell Blade's Theater of Magic, and the Low Key Arts building. We had a great turnout, and lots of great food and drink, and so much information it was hard to focus sometimes. We have recorded many of the seminars and will work on making those available. In the meantime we will look forward to attending next year in a new part of the United States! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and participated, it was a rich and beautiful weekend and we loved having you in our town!


The Team at KUHS-LP FM

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas 


2016 Workshops & Seminars

  • Community Radio News Reporting & Skills Sharing-Ann Garrison, Tom Voorhees, and other working reporters
  • Community Radio, A Global View - Jim Ellinger
  • Receiving and distributing content via Pacifica Network-Ursula Ruedenberg
  • Organizing the Organization-Betty McArdle
  • Introduction to Rivendell Radio Automation - David Klann
  • LPFM Work Session-Sabrina Roach, Sharon Scott
  • Grant funding basics - Yes, you can get grant funds.  No, it is not easy.-Dr. Lauralee Harris
  • Nuts and Bolts and Antennas, Oh My-Michael Brown
  • Audience Engine Project: a new open-source suite of community-building, fundraising and publishing
    tools for independent media sustainabiity in the digital age-Ken Freedman
  • Build Your Own Audio Cable-Will Floyd
  • Tales from a Radio Obsessive/Historian-Jennifer Waits
  • FCC Updates-Michelle Bradley
  • Power Your Station from the Sun - Bob Nagy
  • Open Source Software & Hardware - David Klann
  • BBQ Dinner with Keynote Speaker-Clyde Clifford of Beaker Street
  • Doing Live Remote Broadcasts for (almost) Free - Bob Dunn
  • Business Plans 101 -  Why you need to do this now.-Dr. Lauralee Harris
  • From AF to RF, How to put a signal on the air - Bob Nagy
  • Making Awesome Radio - Donna DiBianco
  • Communications Act of 1996 - Bob Simmons
  • Music Licensing-Ken Freedman
  • Compliance Calendar/Station Checklist-Michelle Bradley & Donna DiBianco
  • Studios - Al Davis
  • LPFM Roundtable - Sharon Scott, Joe Newman, Will Floyd, Erik Mollberg, Zachary Smith, LaGanzie Kale
  • Managment Models, where does the buck stop?-Betty McArdle
  • Playlists, Podcasts, and Stream Logs, automating for time shifters-Otis Maclay
  • Survey of Radio Automation Systems - David Klann
  • Managing Mayhem-Why do they do that??-Ursula Ruedenberg
  • GRC Organizational Meeting-Ursula Ruedenberg
  • Emergency Broadcasting Workshop- Susan Raybuck, Jim Ellinger, Brice Phillips, Donna DiBianco
  • How to Promote the Helloutta Your CR/LPFM Station/Show for Cheap-Jim Ellinger
  • What Next?  A Communications Lawyer Communicates (in plain English!)-Michael W. Richards
  • How to Make 7 Minutes Last 18 years- Stephen Koch
  • Advanced Automation with Rivendell-David Klann


 The History

The Grassroots Radio Coalition was born in 1996, as a reaction against increasing commercialization of public radio and lack of support for volunteer-based stations. Though not "founders" per se, Marty Durlin of KGNU and Cathy Melio of WERU are generally recognized as "midwives" of the GRC. They have said that the idea of the GRC was ready to be born; they just helped make it happen.

The GRC is a gathering to help build a movement for social change, justice, and democracy through media that reflects these values. 


The Ideas

We’re committed to building community, serving underserved groups, challenging our listeners, expanding cultural experience, providing community access to the airwaves, and airing diverse programming.

The Grassroots Radio Conference is an annual gathering of folks from grassroots, volunteer-powered, community radio stations. It is an opportunity to get together to connect, learn new skills, discuss critical issues, and hopefully have some fun!

The Grassroots Radio Coalition is a casual, but dedicated group of many stations and people that has no bylaws, no dues, no staff, and no standing structure. The GRC is created solely and kept alive by the people who participate.